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I suffer from colitis, Butyrose can help me? Butyrose® is a product based on sodium butyrate microencapsulated with a special patented coating and it is classified by the Ministry of Health as a food for special medical purposes for the dietary management of patients with specific nutritional needs, dictated by clinical reasons such as the fact colon pathologies.

Why Butyric acid for intestinal health? Butyric acid is a short chain fatty acid produced by the physiological fermentation of carbohydrates -such as vegetal fibers- that reach the colon undigested through the action of local intestinal microflora. Butyric acid promotes metabolic health of the colonic mucosa because it represents the main energy source of intestinal cells by promoting proliferation and tissue repair or inhibiting it in the event of malfunction (see bibliography).

I have no particular problems but I lead a stressful life with frequent trips abroad, it may be fine to give Butyrose bowel regularity?
Butyrose® is indicated for the altered trophism of the intestinal mucosa: stress, disordered eating and in general a wild life can affect the balance of intestinal flora. In this case Butyrose® can help restoring a state of eubiosis, favoring the intestinal lactic flora.

My mother can not swallow the whole capsule, can I open it and pour the content?
If you have difficulty swallowing, you can open the capsule and take over the content, dispersing it in beverages or semi-solid food (water, milk, juice, yogurt, soups, etc..). In this case, it is recommended not to cook Butyrose® and do not expose it to temperatures over 40 ° / 45 ° C as it would be altered the protection.

Are there different types of butyrate or are they the same?
There are several forms in which butyrate may be bounded, the most are to calcium or sodium. To successfully perform its functions it is preferable that butyric acid is in a bound form to the sodium due to its high lipophilicity and exchange capacity with cell. The tie-sodium butyrate is very active but also very weak: Butyrose® thanks to its patented form LSC® Microcaps protects this link in microcapsules ensuring the intestinal absorption effect with target & slow release.

Would Butyrose have a similar effect to a lactic ferment?
Butyrose® acts indirectly by promoting intestinal environmental conditions for the growth and development of lactic bacteria that can be taken directly with the products on the market (live cultures, yogurt, specific foods, etc. ..).

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