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My name is Giorgio, I’m 52 years old and I work in the news sector. I started taking Butyrose at the end of last summer, even though I was skeptical at first because I had previously tried other two producers of butyric acid without having any results. I’ve been suffering from ulcerative colitis for over twenty years and, although it has long time being mild or moderate, I’ve continued having quite a few discomforts: Irritable bowel with abdominal pain, diarrhea or loose stools, three or four discharges per day ... I take two capsules of regular M ---- 1200 mg per day, but during periods of discomfort I also took R ---- and  L ---- to reduce symptoms, pain and unpleasant trips to the bathroom, especially when I was away on business or leisure. When I tried the Butyrose (three capsules a day) I spent ten or fifteen days sick (bloating, abdominal pain, irritable bowel), and in those days I was helping with some tablet of R ---- and  L ----; I tried to hold on because these symptoms were new and I wanted to understand what Butyrose was doing. After two weeks, the situation began to improve slowly but noticeably. After a month, the abdominal pain was a memory and feces increasingly formed. Today, after a little more than 6 months, I forgot the other medicines, I only use M ---- and Butyrose three capsules per day. More and more rarely It happened to notice less formed feces and get a little sick; in those cases I increase the dose of Butyrose, taking 5 capsules per day, and in one or two days, the situation is normalized. "Normalize" means to me to be like the people who are doing well even though I still have my chronic illness. In summary,  I can say that the quality of life has tremendously improved and, yes, I would recommend to anyone suffering my illness to try Butyrose.

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