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My name is Letizia and Im retired since many years now. I tried Butyrose because I was looking for a product that regulates my "issues." I’ve used it for 6 months and I have appreciated the quality after a few days, because Butyrose was able to regularize my bowel function. Also, when I started Butyrose, I was assuming regularly  Z ---- and L ---- 1 tablet per day each; after a few weeks of taking the Butyrose we switched to 1 tablet of Z ----  without taking L ----. The pressure has moderatly lowered than when I took up the L ----. I do not know if there may be a correlation. I stopped L….since three months, because when I started taking Butyrose the pressure has always fell back ‘till my doctor decided to permanently delete the pill for hypertension.

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