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My name is Luca, I am 55 years old and I'm a freelancer. I started using Butyrose because after multiple visits and prescribed medications for intestinal pain, I got to know this product. I’ve used it for 3 months, 3 capsules per day and would not quit because it is the only product with which I am improving my problem. I I saw the first improving signs after 20 days with a decrease in pain and shock of diarrhea that persecuted me at all hours of the day, as I was eating any kind of food and drink I had to run to the bathroom and this influenced not a little my social life. Today Butyrose helped me to live better with my problem but not only that, it is getting better day by day to the point of allowing me freely getting out and have dinners with friends without worrying about the consequences to my gut. If I would recommend Butyrose to someone who has a problem similar to mine ....? yes, I already did!

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