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Sodium Butyrate LSC MicroCaps

In order to best perform its task -promoting metabolic health with eutrophic effect of the colonic mucosa and bioregulating intestinal flora (see bibliography)- it is preferable that butyric acid is bounded  to sodium for its high lipophilicity and ability to exchange with cells. Sodium butyrate is a very active molecule but with a high degree of dissociation (pKa 4.82), which in the absence of adequate protection would not reach the intestine, especially the colon / rectum. That is why Butyrose® contains sodium butyrate LSC® microcaps: thanks to its patented formula (EU n.2352386), sodium butyrate is incorporated within a microcapsule through LSC® technology -Lipophilic Spray Cooling- with barrier effect, which provides stability to the bond-sodium butyrate, a large active surface and an extensive diffusion capacity of the intestine.

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