BUTYROSE® Fast (en translation)


orodispersible sachets

What is it: BUTYROSE® FAST is Sodium Butyrate Lsc® Microcaps, to become ORODISPERSIBLE it passes through a FBC® fluid bed granulation. The composition and the production process are covered by SILA® patent pending N. 102020000027305.

Thanks to its new format in handy orodispersible sachets, it makes administration practical and quick, even without water, especially for patients suffering from dysphagia or odynophagia who have colon diseases with altered trophism of the intestinal mucosa. It helps to rebalance the microbiota, favoring the environment suitable for the development of the symbiont flora.

In case of redness, itching or lesions of the anal and perianal area that are related to gastrointestinal pathologies, it is possible to combine it with Dermatir®

The ingredients: bulking agent isomalt, sodium butyrate, hydrogenated palm oil, thickener: guar gum, corn starch, flavorings, sweetener: sorbitol, caking agent: calcium carbonate, sweetener: steviol glycosides, calcium steroid bulking agent, agent anti-caking agent: calcium sulphate, gelling agent: sodium alginate. Without gluten, lactose, sugars, yeasts and preservatives.

How to use: 2-3 sachets daily are suggested, dissolve in your mouth, does not require water. There are no time limits to administration. The pack contains 20 or 10 orodispersible sticks, 1500 mg each, individually packed.