My name is Giorgio, I am 52 years old and I work in the information sector. I started taking Butyrose at the end of last summer, although I was quite skeptical because I had previously tried butyric acid from two other manufacturers but without any results. I have been suffering from ulcerative colitis for just over twenty years and, even if it has been in a mild or moderate phase for some time, I have continued to have quite a few discomfort: irritable bowel with abdominal pain, diarrhea or otherwise poorly formed stools, three or four discharges at the day … I regularly take two capsules of M—- 1200 mg per day but in the periods of greatest discomfort I also took R—- and L—- to reduce symptoms, pains and unpleasant rushes to the bathroom, especially when I was away for work or leisure . When I tried Butyrose (three capsules a day) I spent ten or fifteen days of malaise (aerophagia, abdominal pain, intestinal irritability) and in those days I helped myself with a few tablets of R—- and L—-; I tried to hold on because these symptoms were new and I wanted to understand where Butyrose was headed. After two weeks the situation began to improve, slowly but noticeably. After a month the abdominal pains were a memory and the stools more and more formed. Today, after just over 6 months, I forgot the other medicines, I only use M—- and the three Butyrose capsules a day. More and more rarely it happens to notice less formed stools and to have a little discomfort; in those cases I increase the dose of Butyrose, taking 5 capsules a day, and in one or two days the situation returns to normal. Normalizing for me means being like people who are fine even though I continue to have my chronic illness. I can say, in summary, that the quality of life has improved enormously and, yes, I would recommend anyone suffering from my disease to try Butyrose.

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