My name is Mauro, I am 40 years old and I have been paraplegic for 12. Intestinal dysfunction in a person with spinal cord injury is very frequent and annoying, in fact I suffered from continuous stomach pain, abdominal swelling, diarrhea, or on the contrary constipation and I could not balance my intestine. I underwent various visits including gastroscopy and colonoscopy, but the doctors traced my ailments precisely to my pathology. I tried everything, any type of lactic ferment and of course I also followed a fairly strict diet, until I accidentally came across Butyrose. I tried it without much expectations and instead already after 10 days, taking 3 capsules a day, my discomfort has practically disappeared!! In addition to practically no longer having any intestinal disorders, I also started eating practically everything including pizza, milk and coffee which before taking Butyrose were unthinkable foods and drinks to consume. I would recommend Butyrose to anyone with spinal cord injury or intestinal problems similar to mine, believe me it works!

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