My name is Valeria. Two years ago, due to repeated stressful situations, I began to suffer from intestinal dysbiosis and various related disorders (cystitis, vaginitis, aerophagia, constipation, etc.). I followed the instructions of the various doctors consulted by taking drugs / supplements of all kinds, doing sports and respecting diets with very limited menus and impossible to reconcile with a dynamic life. I also tried homeopathy and acupuncture, I read books on self-healing believing that it could now be the only solution left. When I met Butyrose I was disheartened, but by now I had tried everything, one more failed attempt would not have mortified me. Instead Butyrose changed my life! After only one month of the “massive” dose, the cystitis had disappeared and after three I acquired intestinal regularity. I reduced the dosage first to two and then to one capsule a day for maintenance, and now I lead a normal life with a diet that, while remaining healthy and rich in fruit and vegetables, allows me to enjoy an aperitif with friends.


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