Tecnologia (en translation)



how our products work

To perform the products function’s at its best  – including favoring the metabolic health that has an eutrofic effect on the colon lining and bioregulative of the intestinal flora (see publications) –  butyric acid should be bound to sodium thanks to its high lipophilicity and cellular exchange capability.

Sodium butyrate is a very active molecule but with a high degree of dissociation (pKa 4,82) which would make it impossible for it to reach the intestine, particularly the colon/rectum, without the adequate protection.

Because of this Butyrose® contains Sodium Butyrate LSC® microcaps: thanks to the patented formula (EU n.2352386), sodium butyrate is embedded inside a lipophilic microcapsule with LSC®  technology -Lipophilic Spray Cooling- that creates an effective barrier, it guarantees stability to the sodium-butyrate bound, so that it has an extended capability of diffusion in the intestine, particularly in the colon area where the bacteria concentration is ample.